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Balance your soul and body

Biofield tuning is a method of sending healing and coherent vibratory sounds into the electro magnetic field of your body and it’s history. This history seems to be written along the timeline of the magnetic field that sourrounds your body. These coherent sounds can rewrite and revitalize our historical selves and heal the hurts of the world inflicted upon us.  Biofield Tuning requires no story to work nor any revelations of the past. It is discreet, effective and fast. It is elegant in that it diagnoses and treats at the same time. 

Katherine Quittner is is composer of music and has at her disposal the invention of her large electro acoustic sound generating machine called The Magnetica. 

She is a rare level 4 Biofield Tuner and has worked with people who have relatively serious illnesses and those who just feel “out of sorts” or like they are not getting the best out of the bodies or their lives.


Sessions are about 1 hour and are done are done in Katherine’s treatment room in Mar Vista, CA 90066. 

Healing can also be accomplished non-locally so distance sessions are a convenient way to get the work that you need done. The cost per session is $150, and there is a discount package of 3 sessions (recommended) at a cost of $400. Additional discounts and packages are available. Phone consultations are free to new clients and curious people.


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For more information about the nature of BiofField Tuning, please watch Eileen Day McKusick’s video below.

In addition to being trained by Eileen Day McKusick as at BioField Tuner, Katherine trained as a composer at UCLA and in Berlin at the State Higher School of the Arts where she studied with Isang Yun. She invented, constructed and patented her invention of a Large ElectroAcoustic Music and Sound Generator while living in Montevideo Uruguay, (2008-2014). Her instrument is called The Magnetica.
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Please note that due to the significant effects of Biofield Tuning, there are contraindications, which include:

- Cancer 

Please call me to discuss your options re these contraindications.