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Marc R.  Long Beach, CA

I was amazed to experience a connection, to feel energy moving in my body, during my work with Katherine remotely. From across the country, I was experiencing energy in different parts of my body that correlated to what Katherine talked about at the end of our sessions. I found her discussions of what came up direct, to the point, insightful, and spot on in relating to what had happened in my life, and things I still had stuck inside that had not been addressed or released. And there were surprises in areas that I got to look more deeply in that I had thought had been dealt with, or I hadn't realized were still a problem. This work was quite revealing, helpful, and engaging. Thank you Katherine!

Karen L.  Los Angeles, CA

If you are looking for a deep and life changing experience Biofield tuning is a way and Katherine is the perfect practitioner to work with you. I have had  several sessions and all have been remote.  During the 2020 pandemic I watched (Eileen McKusick) her teacher on Gaia and learned about the process and wanted to try a session because my life had just completely fallen apart- death of a parent, loss of employment, and a cross country move in 2020. I found Katherine on Eileen's website and saw she had advanced training and selected her.  She was able to work remotely on me and see all the deep seeded stuckness that I had been carrying for decades- and clear them away. I wasn't prepared to hear what she shared with me at first however it was spot on and helped me to begin a profound journey of healing, and facing aspects that I had buried so deeply within my heart and soul.   Recently in 2021 I had another session with her which cleared out more recent stuck energy leaving me feeling lighter and freer. Thank you Katherine for holding the space for me even during the rough spots (continuous check ins). Your kind and commitment to healing is amazing!

Josh Long Fresno, CA

When I was introduced to Katherine, I had been doing internal work for about 5 years and was referred to her by my longtime mindset coach. I had told my coach that I felt like there was a generational failure issue hanging on, like a chain off my left ankle that I couldn't shake.
When I reached out to Katherine, I didn't mention it, just that I was encouraged to have a session with her to see what might get unlocked.
I was living in Hawaii at the time, on the Big Island, so a remote session was the only option, which I had no issue with since I've done other energy work remotely before with success.
She told me to relax somewhere for the next hour and to breathe through anything I felt show up in my body during the session. I was glad she gave me that guidance, because about 8 minutes in, my heart started beating heavily. Not fast, just heavily, like hiking at altitude. I breathed through it for 2 minutes and it left.
After the hour was up, she called and went through her notes. I told her about my heart response and she said "Yeah, that's where I was working. On the right side, through the paternal line."
She proceeded to read my mail and talk about the generational failure pattern that went back 5 generations through my paternal line and gave details that were spot on for my dad and his dad since I know both of them well.
After taking notes on it all and confirming that everything she picked up was true, I went to tell my wife about it all. But, before I could say anything, I noticed something that had been between me and my son for his entire 10 year life was now gone. He was sitting next to me on the sofa as I was preparing to talk to my wife about it, and the wall that was between us his whole life that I could never pinpoint or figure out, was now gone. And it's been gone for the past 15 months since that session.
Whatever generational trauma pattern that I had previously and that affected my relationship with my son, was now gone!
And it's interesting, because I have two daughters that are 2 years on each side of my son, and I never had any of the issues with them that I had with him. So, I know that Katherine really helped isolate the generational pattern that was damaging the men in my family and their relationships.
I spoke about this with another friend and he had a session and had equally as big of an outcome from it, too! But to be fair, he and I have spent years working on our mindset and beliefs, so we were both very ready for the biofield tuning work to clear out whatever was left.
She's incredibly gifted and if you're reading this, you already know that this is exactly what you need to do next.

Mandy M.  Los Angeles, CA

I was recommended to try Katherine’s sound healing by a friend.  I was amazed and intrigued by her experience and had to try it for myself.  My first sound healing session with Katherine unveiled blocks in my past from when I was younger that I had been holding on to.  With tuning forks and conversation, Katherine was able to unblock these experiences that were stuck and clear up my energy field.  The session was an incredible amount of information and provided me with tools to work through my lingering emotions.  I could not believe the amount of ground we covered and the accuracy of my present moment and experiences.  I have continued to book sessions with Katherine and have made much progress working with the emotions and pain in my body.  After each session, I am more relaxed.  Each time I leave the sessions with clarity and notes about what to work on and how to be there for myself.  Katherine’s work has provided me guidance towards growth and confidence.  I am thankful for her healing work and her help to navigate to the deeper issues that are coming up in my body.  I highly recommend Katherine!

Maureen B.  Los Angeles, CA

I began working with Katherine a couple of years ago and her work has literally changed me! When I first went to see her, I had suffered from so much internalized emotional trauma from years of chronic illness and was in the process of losing a terminally ill parent. The depth and accuracy with which she was able to pinpoint the exact causes of my suffering from all stages of my life within my energy field was incredible. Within 3 sessions I had felt an enormous shift and release from the heaviness of my past and present and was just completely blown away! I have continued to work with her over the past few years and she has become an integral part of my healing journey. I am forever grateful for the guidance and support and healing she has given to me! I truly can not recommend her work enough!  

Molly M.  Los Angeles, CA

Katherine has been a tremendous help for me. I started seeing her in-person three years ago and we worked through some emotional and physical traumas.
For the last two years, I’ve been receiving remote sessions (distance healings) from her and these have been even more successful. She’s helped me through physical pain and surgery, heartbreak, and family trauma; making me feel more grounded and able to grow. She is a truly skilled healer and I feel so lucky to be able to receive her aid!  

Gillian E.  Middlebury, VT

Working with Katherine  has been a delight.  I received support in shifting the energetic resonance of some deep seated beliefs around self worth and value.  I am new to Biofield Tuning and was uncertain about the efficacy of remoting healing, however the impact of my work with Katherine is immense and continues to ripple out even weeks after our sessions.  In our work together, we focus on a particular thread of information, blockage of energy or physical discomfort.  Over the days following our session, deeper tendrils and taproots appear revealing a clearer picture of the web of patterning that I only had glimpses of before.  Katherine offers support after each session~checking in a few days later to see how the shifts in my system are integrating.  What a gift to have a presence like Katherine in our midst to support in the shifting of limiting core patterning, old stuck energy and outdated beliefs that no longer serve!  I am deeply grateful.

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