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about Biofield Tuning

Biofield tuning is a method of sending coherent vibratory waves into the electro magnetic field of your body and its history. This history is  written along the timeline of the magnetic field that surrounds the body, similar to the rings of a tree. These coherent sounds can rewrite and revitalize our current and historical selves and heal the hurts the world has inflicted upon us.  Biofield Tuning requires no story to work, nor any revelations about the past. It is discreet, effective and fast. It is elegant in that it diagnoses and treats at the same time.

Katherine Quittner is an advanced Biofield Tuner who has worked with people who have relatively serious illnesses and those who just feel "out of sorts", like they are not getting the best out of their bodies or their lives.
She works exclusively remotely.

Remote sessions

How does remote healing work?
Clients are called and have a brief chat about  their intentions for their session. During the session, the client lies down and the directions are to breathe long slow breaths and remain uninterrupted for the time we are in session. People like to relax and close their eyes. While I am working on them, I write down everything I discover and when I am finished, I call the client back and we discuss what I have found and corrected in their biofield. By the time we are discussing this, I have already altered the energy field around their bodies and often they notice something pretty quickly, usually within a few days. People have also noticed that their friends, partners or parents may change their behavior in a positive way as a side effect.  Biofield tuning results can be instantaneous. One can think of a telephone and realize that whether we speak to someone near or far, or very far, the sounds we hear in response on the phone are available instantly.  Biofield tuning is effective in improving many different aspects of a human being. Distortion in the sound of the forks shows up in the biofield.  The practitioner can hear this, and will  remain in that place until they have restored coherency. This restoration of coherency and order to the biofield can alleviate damage lingering from the past, improve function and free one to be in the present.  Eliminating this distortion can be life changing, can free one to do what they want in life and be the person they know themselves to be.

healing (also known as Distance Healing), is the process of sending energy over a distance to someone, much like sending radio signals. The practitioner channels energy to the client to help facilitate the healing of a person's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states.

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