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biofield tuning

Sessions are conducted in Burlington Vermont.
Healing can be accomplished non-locally, so distance sessions are a great way to get the work you need.

The cost per session is $150, and there is a discount package of 3 sessions (recommended) at a cost of $400.

Session are paid for in advance (as a friend) through either Venmo or PayPal.
MagnetoTunes does not accept credit cards or cash.

New clients can expect communication by text regarding dates and times for their sessions.

Additional discounts and packages are available.
Initial consultations are free and available to everyone.

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"I had a very painful kidney stone. I was lying in the hospital, waiting to get a catheter inserted, when Katherine worked on me. The doctors had given me a tranquilizer and some lemon syrup that they thought would dissolve the stone. I was in considerable pain and then, suddenly, I wasn't. The hospital documented my stone at 7 mm before the Biofield Tuning, and then at 4 mm after. That night I slept like a baby and they sent me home the next day. One session was enough.

César | Montevideo, Uruguay
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